9 Best Guinea Pig Cage With Stand [Pros, Cons]

A guinea pig cage with stand can be a good option to keep the room clean and make storage space as well. If you want to choose these types of cages, you must ask, What is the best guinea pig cage with stand?

C&C Guinea Pig cage is the best cage with stand because it’s so customizable, sturdy, and durable. Amazon Basics cage is another great quality product that serves the same purpose. Amazon Basics grid panels, SONGMICS Pet Premium Villa, and PawHut Small Animal Cage can also be good choices to make the stand for an existing c&c cage, Midwest guinea habitat cage, or other cages.

In this article, you will get reviews on the best guinea pig cages with the stands with their pros and cons. Here, I will also guide you to buy the cage.

Why do you need a guinea pig cage with stand?

Best guinea pig cage with stand

Here are the reasons for which you may get a guinea pig’s cage with stands.

Getting the cage off the floor

Stands get the cage off the floor easily. If you don’t use a stand for a guinea pig’s cage and want to lift the cage off the floor, you have to use a table or other things.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find something that can really help me hold the cage perfectly. 

An ideal stand should move or must hold the cage strongly. A guinea pig’s cage with a stand can help you achieve this.

Check out my other article about putting a guinea pig cage on the floor.

Keeping the floor clean

If you put the cage on the floor, you can’t clean the floor so easily. If you want to do that you have to remove the whole bedding and liners.

But using a stand will let you clean under the cage and keep the room clean and healthy.

Making maintenance work easy

Cage stands make it much easier for adults as well as kids to do all maintenance work easily. 

You don’t have to squat or bend down to serve your guinea pig’s food, do poo-picking and cleaning the cage or the accessories.

Better interaction with guinea pigs

If you lift the cage with the help of a stand, it will let you interact with the little guinea pigs often and quite nicely.

So, you will develop a good relationship with them. Putting the cage on the floor directly may not be comfortable for you to interact with them regularly.

Increasing the level of care

As the cage with the stand lets you interact with your guinea pigs more, you can also take better care of them.

Easier cage cleaning works

If you use a guinea pig cage with a stand, it will help you clean the cage quite easily. If an adult, who can’t kneel down or bend over, use this type of cage, they can clean the cage floor or bedding regularly without any health issues.

Creating storage space

Usually, a guinea pig cage with a stand adds storage space under the cage. So, by creating the storage bins, you can keep the food, hay, toys, bedding, hay, and other supplies easily.

Making guinea pig’s less stressed

Guinea pigs know that in the wild predators come from higher ground or reach out to them from above as a bird does.

As they have to stay on a lower surface than you, it may be stressful for them if you leave the cage directly on the floor.

So, when you use a cage with a stand they won’t panic and get tamer easily. This will put them at the same level as you. At least, they will think that.

Moreover, when guinea pigs stay on the floor, they can’t see outside of the cage well. It may also stress them out, as they like to observe their surroundings. If you use the stand, they can easily look around and be happy.

9 Best guinea pig cage with stand

Here is the top 9 guinea pigs’ cage with stand.

1. C&C Guinea Pig cage with stand

C&C cage offers you the best cage with stands for your guinea pigs. You can simply use extra panels to build the stand for the cage. But, why should you use it?

To lift up the cage, it is much better to use the same type of materials as the cage structure. The C & C cage is so versatile and allows you to do that. This makes the cage so sturdy and looks good as well.

If your cage is made of metal wire and you use a wooden stand or any unmatched object, it won’t be good for the long run and also look ugly.

Moreover, this cage is so popular and one of the best because you can get almost all advantages that you should get from an ideal guinea pig’s cage.

C&C Guinea Pig Cage is so customizable and you can give it any shape with stands.

Metal wire grids and connectors of the cage are so strong that it ensures you get a very sturdy cage, even with stands.

You can buy a C&C Guinea Pig cage without stands initially if you want because you can add those stands anytime. So, you can just buy those extensions when you decide to add the stands.

After adding the stands, you will get a wide space to put storage bins underneath the cage.

The cage interior is very large in size and appropriate for guinea pigs. You also get a loft, ramp, and coroplast liner with the package.

This cage is also safe for guinea pigs, as the size of the cage grids is small and the metal is also chew-proof.

You may take some time to build the cage for the first time. Learn how to build it from our other article.

It’s easy to access, does maintenance work, and keeps clean regularly.

Though it’s a little bit pricey, it’s worth the money.


Strong and durable cage structure and stands

Safe for guinea pigs

Large cage size

So versatile and customizable

Worth the money

Easy to access and clean

Beautiful looking

Offers various dimensions

Provide storage space

Offers ramp, loft, and coroplast liner


Slightly high price

Product Name

C&C cage Guinea Pig Hedgehog Loft Staircase Ramp Stand Table

2. Amazon Basics grid panels and cage

Amazon Basic offers you a similar type of product to build a c&c type of cage with stands for your guinea pigs. You get the product at a very cheap price and it’s good value for money.

Their grid panels are durable and strong because they are made of high-quality powder-coated steel wires.

They provide good-quality plastic corner connectors. But, you may need extra zip ties to make the cage or stands sturdy enough.

The stands made with Amazon Basics grid panels can withstand the weight of your guinea pigs and the body of the cage. The weight capacity of each grid is 10-pound.

You can set up the cage and stand quite easily without any tools. You can also build stands for your c&c cage and Midwest guinea habitat with this product.

Use 4 or more panels depending on the size of the cage to make the stands.

After building up the cage, you can access and clean the interior easily. These grid panels are also very versatile and customizable and so you can make storage space underneath the cage as well.

The drawback of the cage is the large spaces in the panels. Adult piggies may not have any issue with it.

But, baby guinea pigs may try to squeeze their head through it and they can be stuck there. So, use a liner that’s 8-10 inches in height.


Big cage size

Customizable and versatile

Longer lasting and sturdy

Easy to put together

Good storage space

Easy to clean


A bit large space in the panels

May not be very sturdy without extra zip ties or connectors

Product Name

Amazon Basics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves

3. PawHut Metal Wire Small Animal Cage

You can make a great cage with stands by PawHut 36 Panel Metal Wire. This brand provides a very sturdy, durable, and solid cage.

PawHut cage is designed to make a multi-level cage. But, you can replace the lower level with stands, as is highly customizable and reconfigurable.

This product allows you to make a large cage that offers sufficient air ventilation.

You can give the cage to any shape easily. You can set up the cage quickly as well.

The price of the PawHut Metal Wire cage is also very affordable.

The door size is also very wide which allows you to maintain and clean the cage nicely.

The only problem you have to face with the product is to make the body of the cage, as it has slightly larger space in the panels.

So, make sure that your guinea pigs don’t squeeze their head out through these spaces. You can use a high liner to overcome this issue.


Provides wide living space

So sturdy and strong

Reasonable price

Easy to assemble

Reconfigurable and so customizable

Easy to clean


Little bit wider wire spacing

Product Name

PawHut 36 Panel Pet Playpen Small Animal Cage Metal Wire

4. SONGMICS Comfortable Pet Premium Villa

SONGMICS offers you a great quality cage for your guinea pigs. It provides you with wire grids to make a two-story cage. Instead of that, you can use the lower level panels to make the stands, because it’s highly customizable.

SONGMICS Comfortable Pet Premium Villa ensures premium quality metal wire and cable ties. So, the cage is so sturdy and durable.

You also get no-slip pads with it to ensure the stability of the cage.

You can put the cage together quite easily and fast without any tool, as it includes a small rubber mallet in the package.

The wire spacing of the cage isn’t so big, but make sure the piggies don’t stick out their heads through it.

Maintaining this cage is also an easy task.


So sturdy and durable

Easy to assemble, includes a small hammer

Easy to maintain and clean

Offers large space

Very customizable

Good value for money


Slightly larger holes in the cage

Product Name

SONGMICS Pet Playpen Includes Cable Ties, Metal Wire Apartment-Style Two-Storey Bunny Fence, and Kennel, Comfortable Pet Premium Villa

5. Nova Microdermabrasion Small Animals

Nova Microdermabrasion offers you a good quality cage. You can make a cage with this product. All you have to do is not make the top levels.

You can get 36 panels or 28 panels to make the perfect cage with stand and storage.

The cage structure is strong and gives your little piggies plenty of space to roam around.

Nova Microdermabrasion ensures premium quality metal wires that are durable, rust-resistant, and longer-lasting.

You can also give the enclosure any shape you want.

They also provide you with non-slip mats to hold the cage tightly on the floor. This is also comfortable for your guinea pigs.

You can set up the cage simply using the rubber mallet included inside the package.

The only thing you have to be worried about is the large cage holes. Be aware your guinea pigs don’t stick their head in the holes.

In that case, cover the height all around the cage with a liner up to 8-10 inches. However, adult guinea pigs may not have this issue. 


Wide space

Durable and rust-resistant

Longer lasting

Easy to put together

Easy to clean and access


Offers non-slip mats


Large cage holes

Product Name

Nova Microdermabrasion Pet Playpen, Small Animals 36 Panels Exercise Pen Crate Metal Wire Fence and Kennel

6. LANGXUN Small Animal Cage

You can take help from DIY metal grids offered by LANGXUM to build a cage with stands for your guinea pigs.

These wire panels are so strong and can support up to 44 pounds of weight. So, it can lift up the cage effectively.

However, if you want to build a full cage and stand with these grids, you have to be careful as there are wide holes in those panels. Your baby piggies can stick their head out through those gaps.

But, the product is so cheap in price and can be good for them. It provides enough room for the guinea pigs.

You can access LANGXUN Small Animal Cage without any issue and keep it clean regularly.


Supports a good amount of weight

Large cage size

Very customizable


Strong and sturdy

Easy to set up

Easy to maintain


Relatively bigger space in panels

May need extra protection with liners for safety

Product Name

LANGXUN 16pcs Metal Wire Storage Cubes Organizer, DIY Small Animal Cage

7. Midwest Guinea Pig Cage with Stand

Midwest Guinea Habitat doesn’t offer a cage with stands, but you can put it on stands with help of other products.

You can use a c&c cage, Amazon basic, PawHut, or SONGMICS panels to build the stands to lift up the cage.

You may wonder why I have listed this product forcefully in this list. The reason is Midwest Guinea pig Cage is one of the best products available in the market for guinea pigs.

It serves all the purposes of an ideal cage for your little piggies.

This cage provides a required amount of space for them and the structure of the cage is also very strong and sturdy.

Midwest Guinea habitat is also safe for your guinea pigs because the structure of the cage is safe and it has ideal wire spacing and 

This cage is pre-made, so you don’t need to put extra effort to build the cage. Moreover, you can clean and maintain the cage so easily.

It includes a PVC-lined canvas for the soft feet of your piggies.


Safe wire spacing and structure

Offers wide space

Durable and strong

Appropriate cage height

Easy to set up

Easy to access and clean

Includes washable, soft, and leak-proof PVC lined canvas

Great value for money


Doesn’t offer cage stands

Product Name

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

8. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

If you don’t have enough space at your home for guinea pigs, you can get the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage.

This cage takes up very little space and contains stands and wheels. You can move it easily from one place to another.

Moreover, it allows you to store the guinea pig’s supplies underneath the cage.

The structure of the cage is strong enough to serve all the purposes. It’s also easy to maintain and keep it clean.

But, the drawback is that it doesn’t provide a lot of space that a guinea pig needs. Still, many owners use the cage, especially those who can’t provide enough space for enclosure in their home.

Also, make sure your little piggies can access the ramp. If they have a problem remove the top level or reinforce the ramp to make it comfortable for them.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is easy to assemble. You can also clean the cage easily.

However, the cage is expensive to purchase compared to other relative products.


Take up small space at home

Easily movable and transportable because of the wheels

Allows storage space

Strong enough

Good looking

Chew proof

Easy to clean


May need to reinforce the ramp

High price

Not provides enough horizontal space for guinea pigs

Product Name

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

You can also check out my reviews on guinea pig cages with wheels.

9. Prevue Hendryx Cage with Stand

Prevue Hendryx provides you with a guinea pig cage with a long stand and wheel. High-quality tubular steel stands are so strong and contain wheels. So, you can move the cage from one room to another quite easily.

Moreover, the cage is colorful and durable as well. It has two openings that allow you to access the cage easily. It also contains a plastic base that’s removable.

The dimension of the cage is good compared to related products.

However, you have to spend a good amount of money on it.


Good size

Easy to move and transport


Easily to access and clean

Beautiful looking

Consists of a movable plastic base


Not so easy to assemble

High price

Product Name

Prevue Hendryx Blue & White Small Animal Cage Stand

Factor to be considered before buying guinea pig cages with stand

Let’s take a look at the important factors that you have to consider before buying a guinea pig cage with stand.

Ensure a good height of the stand

The height of the stand should not be too high or too low. If it’s too low, it won’t serve the purpose for which it’s created.

You can’t use the cages while standing and you need to bend down and it will be uncomfortable for you.

Besides, if it’s too high you can’t have good access to the cage. This will lead to huge problems. 

So, ensure the height of the stand according to your or your kid’s height. On average 14-15 inches in height of the stand is a good choice. 

Allow storage space

A good guinea pig’s cage with stands should allow creating storage under the cage to store the supplies for guinea pigs.

Check out the benefits of a guinea pig cage with storage.

Ensure the stand is steady and strong

As the cage is placed in the stands, make sure that it doesn’t move or shake whenever your guinea pigs walk, run or jump. This will frighten them.

They will panic and over time it will change their mood and habits. The stand should be strong and steady enough to prevent this. Try to place the cage on a surface or floor.

Provide enough room inside the cage

Guinea pigs can’t stay in a small area like a rabbit. It will be stressful for them. So, make sure that they get recommended space even if you use the stand.

Also, know about the best indoor cage for two piggies.

Ensure ventilation

A cage with stands must not prevent air from flowing properly. So, make sure it provides enough ventilation. If you get an open-top cage, you don’t need to worry about that.

Try to stay away from the multi Level cage

If you choose a cage with stands, you should avoid a multi-level cage. It will increase the height without adding any value. Moreover, guinea pigs don’t need space vertically. Then, they need a lot of space horizontally.

Avoid stacked cage

Some cages with stands cover the top and work like a stacked cage. Guinea pigs need open space, not a stacked cage. So, try to have a cage that gives your guinea pigs enough open space and air.

Strong and safe cage materials

As you are having a cage with a stand, the material of the cage should be strong enough to hold the weight of the guinea pigs and their accessories.

Usually, this type of cage is made of mesh wires. You will also find a wooden cage. Moreover, cage material must be safe for their health.

Check out the best extra large cages for guinea pigs.

A guinea pig cage with stand vs without stand: Which is better?

A cage with stands isn’t necessary for guinea pigs and it’s not bad either. In fact, many owners like a cage without a stand.

But, a guinea pig cage with stands can allow you to make storage space underneath the cage.

You can also keep the floor under the cage clean and maintain hygiene. Both cages have their own advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose which one is better for you.

How to build a guinea pig cage with stands?

You have to use cage grids to build the stands for the guinea pig cage. Connect one panel to another with connectors and secure them with zip ties or cable ties just you have to do to make the body of the cage.

Just make sure you leave 3 or more storage spaces that will allow you to put storage bins.

Which guinea pig cage with stand should you buy?

If you want a guinea pig cage with stands, a C&C Guinea Pig cage is the best option for you. But, if you need to add stands under your existing cage to lift it up or make storage space, you can use c&c cage grids or Amazon Basics grid panels.

SONGMICS Pet Premium Villa and PawHut Small Animal Cage can also be good options, but you have to be careful of wire spacing when you make the body of the cage with these products.

However, you must consider those factors that I mentioned above before buying a cage or stand.


A guinea pig cage with stands can help you keep the room clean and allows you storage space underneath as well. C&C cage with stand offers the best quality cage for guinea pigs. Amazon Basics small animal cage is also a great product to build up this type of cage.

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