5 Best Guinea Pig Cages On Wheels [Buyer’s Guide]

Some guinea pig owners want to have a movable cage for their guinea pigs. So, they consider getting a cage on wheels. But, what is the best guinea pig cage on wheels?

PawHut Small Animal Cage on Wheel is the best cage on wheels for your guinea pigs, as it’s so sturdy and very affordable and offers sufficient space. PawHut Rolling Metal Cage is best in terms of large space because it provides foldable run space. Other brands such as Prevue Hendryx also provide a good quality cage on wheels.

Here, you will get a complete buyer’s guide for guinea pig cage on wheels and a review of the best products.

What are the benefits of a guinea pig cage on wheels?

Best guinea pig cage on wheels

Here are the advantages of a guinea pig cage on a wheel.


A Guinea pig cage on wheels helps you move and transport the whole cage whenever you want. You can change rooms at your home if you feel your current room isn’t good for your guinea pigs or you.

Allows changing the position of the cage

It also provides flexibility to change the posting of the cage inside the room. A fixed cage can’t be moved easily once it’s placed.

So, if you realize that you have made a mistake after putting the cage, you can change the position without any problem.

Provides storage space

Many cages on wheels contain storage space under the cage. So, you can store your guinea pig’s supplies there.

Allows guinea pigs to look around

The floor of this type of cage stays much higher level than normal cages. It allows the piggies to look around nicely. They feel more secure when they stay at the same level as you.

Allows bringing the cage indoor to outdoor

You can also move the cage from indoor to outdoor to let them enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.

5 Best guinea pig cage on wheels

Here are the top 5 best guinea pig cages on wheels with their reviews, pros, and cons.

1. PawHut Small Animal Cage on Wheel

If you want to have a cage on wheels for your guinea pigs, PawHut small animal cage on wheels is the best choice for you.

Despite having wheels, this cage is spacious and safe for guinea pigs. Other similar types of products don’t provide that much room for them.

But, you know your piggies need enough open space and ventilation.

The price of a PawHut cage on wheels is also reasonable. The quality of the cage is high and it’s great value for money.

The cage is durable. Cage wires, plastic base, and wheels are very sturdy and longer-lasting.

You can move and transport the cage easily. The locks of the wheels are also very strong to keep it fixed at a place if you don’t want to move the cage.

It provides you with two large doors, one at the front and the other at the top. So, you can access the cage so easily. Cleaning and maintaining the cage is also an easy task.

PawHut allows you to assemble the cage without putting in any extra effort. The base of the cage is also very deep which allows you to put the bedding materials or litter nicely.

Moreover, you will get a hay feeder, food dish, water bottle, a platform, and a ramp with the cage.

However, the water bottle and food dish aren’t that good, so you may need to consider buying those.

Compared to similar products, it’s affordable and worth the money. 


Good size

Very affordable

Easy to move and transport

Easy to clean and maintain

So sturdy cage and strong wheels

Easy accessible because of two wide doors

Simple to set up

Deep base to hold the bedding

Chew proof and safe


Average quality accessories

Product Name

PawHut Small Animal Cage Rabbit Chinchilla Guinea Pig Hutch Pet Play House

2. Prevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage on wheels

Prevue Hendryx offers you a great cage on wheels. This cage also provides a wide space for your guinea pigs. 

The cage is so sturdy. It has four stands made of heavy-duty tubular steel.

The base of the cage is made of high-quality plastic that’s removable. This also allows you to move the cage from one place to another so easily.

The lock of the wheels is also very powerful to hold the cage to a position nicely.

This Prevue Hendryx cage has two doors that give you easy access to the interior. You can clean the cage easily and do all maintenance work nicely.

However, assembling the cage needs extra effort. You may need help from another person to put it together properly.

Though it’s one of the best cages in terms of having wheels, the price of the cage is high.

Also, check out the cages with stands.


Plenty of space

Easily movable and transportable


Strong wheels and stand

Offers movable plastic base

Easy to access because of two large doors

Easy to clean

Colorful and nice-looking


Expensive in price

May need to put an extra effort to assemble the cage

Product Name

Prevue Hendryx Blue & White Small Animal Cage

3. PawHut Rolling Metal Cage

PawHut offers another great cage with a wheel, but it’s a little bit different. PawHut Rolling Metal Cage has two parts. One part contains wheels and the other part doesn’t. But, what are the benefits of this type of cage?

Cages with wheels are typically smaller than the recommended space that is needed for a guinea pig.

But, the extended portion of this cage solves the problem. Because of the wheels, another part is movable and you can carry your piggies anywhere you want.

Even, a fixed wire extension portion can also be carried out easily as it’s foldable and not so heavy.

PawHut cage is very durable and also allows proper ventilation for guinea pigs. Moreover, it’s chew-proof and safe for them.

Rolling Metal Cage also offers you accessories such as a water bowl, water bottle, and food dish. 

Assembling the cage is so simple. You can also access and clean the cage easily.

The drawback is that the wheel portion is so small. So, you should use both parts for your guinea pigs all the time.

You may need to change or reinforce the ramp, as it’s steep and your guinea pigs may like to use it.


Lightweight to transport

Foldable run space

Easy to move

Wide space combining both parts

Easy to set up

Easy to clean

So sturdy cage and wheel

Reasonable price


Small room in wheel potion of the cage

Steep ramp

Product Name

PawHut Rolling Metal Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Small Animal Hutch Cage with Main House and Run

4. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage on Wheel

Midwest offers you a great cage for your guinea pigs with four wheels. You can easily move and transport the cage anywhere without having any issues.

It has a strong lock that allows you to fix the cage when you don’t want to move it.

But, what makes the cage different compared to other similar products is that it has a storage space just under the cage. 

Moreover, you can use it comfortably in your home if you live in a small house because it doesn’t require a lot of room.

But, this can not be comfortable for your little pig. They need more space inside the cage. However, many owners use the cage for guinea pigs though it’s not so spacious.

You can remove the ramp and upper level to offer them more horizontal space. If you use the ramp, ensure that they can use it properly.


Easy to move and transport

Allows storage space underneath

Take up a small space

Strong and nice-looking

Easy to clean


Little bit pricey

Not offers enough open space

Product Name

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

5. Kaytee My First Home Pet Habitat

Just like other pet supplies, Kaytee offers you a good-quality cage with wheels. You can have their 48 x 24 size cages for your guinea pigs.

Other cages are too small for guinea pigs and I won’t suggest you go for those.

That 8 Square Feet cage is very sturdy and consists of strong caster wheels. Moving the cage is also very easy. 

Moreover, This product provides 2 safety ramps, 2 comfort shelves, and a food dish.

Kaytee My First Home has the top and front doors. But, they aren’t very large and that makes the cage a little harder to clean compared to similar cages.

However, you can take out the cage top to clean the cage nicely.

Assembling the cage is also tough and will need some time. Besides, ramps and top levels are flimsy.


Good size

So sturdy cage

Strong wheel and locks

Easy to move

Offers a food dish and comfort shelves

Chew proof latches

Good color


Hard to assemble

Small doors, therefore not easy to clean

Expensive in price

Product Name

Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat

Factors to be considered regarding guinea pig cage on wheels

Let’s take a look at the things that you should consider while buying a guinea pig cage on wheels.

Easy to move and transport

Make sure the wheels of the cage work perfectly so that you can move it easily. Some wheels get stuck when moving in different directions. Check out if they move 360 degrees properly.

Strong stands and wheel

The structure of the stands and wheels must be strong enough to hold the cage and guinea pigs’ weight.

Good lock on wheels

Lock-on wheels must be good. If you aren’t able to lock them perfectly they will shake when guinea pigs walk or move inside the cage. They can get afraid of that and it will change their mood.

Easy access to the inside of the cage

You should be able to access the cage easily so that you can take care of your guinea pigs and supply them with food and keep bedding clean.

Ensure proper ventilation

Most of the cages on wheels available in the market are covered from all sides. It prevents air from flowing properly. So, ensure that the cage allows enough ventilation.

Easy to clean

The cage on wheels should not prevent proper cleaning of the cage and bedding. Cleaning a cage regularly is mandatory for guinea pigs’ health.

Ensure the adequate size of the cage

Some guinea pigs’ enclosures on wheels don’t provide recommended space for guinea pigs. They are narrow or small in size. Ensure the cage has enough open space.

Get an open-top cage

The cage should not be covered to let air flow properly and have easy access to the cage. So, you should buy a cage with no top or a top that allows air to flow sufficiently.

Know more about cage tops for piggies.

Storage under cage

It’s not necessary to have storage but many cages on wheels provide space under the wheel. You can buy a cage that has enough room to be used for storage.

Check out the best cages with storage.

Which cage should you buy?

If you want a sturdy and high-quality cage on wheels that provide adequate space for your guinea pigs, you should buy a PawHut Small Animal Cage on wheels. This is also the best budget cage. However, if you need more space, go for PawHut Rolling Metal Cage.

Prevue Hendryx also offers a decent quality cage on wheels.

However, you have to consider the factors that I mentioned above before buying a cage on wheels.

Now, if you have changed your decision, you can check out the best extra-large cages for guinea pigs.

But, if you have two guinea pigs, you can read my other article about the best guinea pig cage for two.


Cage on wheels can be a good option for you if you need a movable and transportable cage for your guinea pigs. PawHut offers the best quality cage on wheels. Prevue Hendryx cage can also be a great choice.

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