10 Best Indoor Cages For 2 Guinea Pigs – Buyer’s Guide

As guinea pigs can’t live alone, you have to adapt to two guinea pigs. But, What is the best indoor cage for 2 guinea pigs?

Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus is the best cage for two guinea pigs because of the effectiveness and quality of the product. Kaytee Open Living Habitat is also a great option due to the larger size. C&C cage is another popular choice as it’s highly customizable and allows you to create separate rooms for guinea pigs. SONGMICS Guinea Pig Enclosure is also a good choice as it consists of a Divider Panel.

Here, I will discuss the factors that you need to consider before buying indoor cages for 2 guinea pigs and give you reviews on the top cages.

What types of indoor cages do you need for 2 guinea pigs?

Top 10 Best Indoor Cages For 2 Guinea Pigs

You have to be careful while choosing or building a cage if you decide to keep two or more guinea pigs, as you can’t use any type of indoor cage for that. Here are types of indoor cages that you can use for two guinea pigs.

Extra-large cage

You have to create a lot of open space for two guinea pigs which can be achieved simply by buying an extra-large cage.

An extra-large cage can ensure both pets get enough room in the cage. It can be the best choice as they need more flat space rather than a multi-level cage.

Multi-level cage

You can also build a multi-level cage for your guinea pigs. But, make sure it’s not stacked and covered from each side.

Allow air to flow properly through all cage levels. Besides, one floor must ensure the same recommended space for guinea pigs without any blockage.

Two cages with ramps

A cage such as a midwest cage helps you connect the two cages and increase the two guinea pigs’ space. You have to use a ramp between the two cages.

You can get this kind of cage as it’s very popular and friendly for guinea pigs.

Expanding the existing cage

If you already have a cage, you can expand the cage by adding more cage grids or adding another cage and connecting them with ramps.

Also, check out my other article about keeping two guinea pigs.

10 best indoor cage for 2 guinea pigs

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best indoor cages for two guinea pigs with their pros and cons.

1. Guinea Habitat Plus by Midwest

One of the best cages for two guinea pigs is Guinea Habitat Cage by Midwest. This brand provides you with two types of cages. One cage doesn’t have any divider and the other has a divider. You can use any kind of cage for two guinea pigs.

A cage with a divider planner is a good option for them because it allows separate play and care areas. You can close the ramp or door to keep them inside the habitat when you clean the other portion of the cage.

Most importantly Midwest Guinea Habitat provides the recommended space for two guinea pigs that other single cages may not offer. The dimension of the cage is 47 x 24 x 14 inches.

This cage also contains a removable multi-access folding top that gives your piggies protection from other pets.

You also don’t need to add any liner to the bottom as you get an easily removable PVC-lined canvas bottom.

This canvas is easy to clean, leak-proof, and durable. However, you should put bedding for the cage.

The cage is so easy to put on and you don’t even need any tools.

Know the things to know before buying Midwest guinea habitat plus.


Adequate space for two guinea pigs

Appropriate cage height

Easy to assemble

Easy to clean and maintenance

Longer lasting

Value for money

Offers separate playing and living areas


Canvas may not be easy to clean

Product name

Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage

2. Kaytee Open Living Habitat

Kaytee offers you a great quality cage that provides massive space for your two guinea pigs. In fact, the size of the cage is more than recommended. So, you can use it for more than two guinea pigs as well.

If you want a very large cage for your guinea pigs, go with this cage. The reason is that no other cage can give you that much space.

Kaytee Open Living Habitat is one of the best open-top cages that allow you to assemble the cage easily. It has two big doors that make the work easier.

You can get a rooftop separately if you have other pets at your home and you need to cover the cage for protecting your guinea pigs.

The cage is very sturdy and durable. The structure of the cage is also safe and chew-proof for your little piggies.

Kaytee allows you to extend the cage by simply adding another open Living habitat to the existing cage.

You get a waterproof liner with the package. It’s easy to use and clean.


Huge cage, more space than required

Allow proper air ventilation

Safe and chew-proof

Very strong, durable, and sturdy

Easy to put together

Easy to access and perform maintenance work

Great value for money

Easy to clean the cage and liner

Offer waterproof and durable liner

Allow you to extend the cage and put the rooftop later


Little bit expensive

Product name

Kaytee Open Living Habitat 60″ x 30

3. C&C Cage for two Guinea Pigs

C&C cage is a great cage for two or more guinea pigs because it’s highly customizable, versatile and so big.

You can make two separate rooms for two guinea pigs in one cage or build a multi-level cage easily.

It also allows sufficient ventilation for them and they will love the cage.

This is not a ready-made cage-like midwest habitat, that makes it easy for you to change its shape or extend the cage for your two piggies at any time.

C&C cage comes with high-quality metal grids that are chew-proof and completely safe for your guinea pigs.

Unlike other cage panels, the holes of the cages are small, therefore you don’t have to worry about their head or paw getting stuck inside those holes.

The connectors of the cage are so good. So, the cage is very sturdy and longer-lasting.

You also get lofts with ramps that are friendly for your piggies. So, you don’t need to buy or build that separately.

They also provide you with a coroplast sheet to line the cage. It’s easy to use and keep clean.

Assembling the cage isn’t so hard. You can learn how to do that from our other article easily.

You can access the interior of the cage and floor easily and keep it clean.

This cage is great value for money as it offers all those things that an ideal cage should provide.


Provides wide open space for two guinea pigs

Safe for guinea pigs as cage holes are small

Great value for money

Very versatile and customizable

Offers different size

Includes loft with ramps

Offers soft and easy to use coroplast liner

So sturdy and durable


Little bit pricey

Product name

C&C Cage for Guinea Pig 4×2 with Loft & Ramp by KAVEE

Check out c&c cage reviews for guinea pigs.

4. SONGMICS Guinea Pig Enclosure with Divider Panel for 2 Separate Spaces

If you want to build a cage with a divider that offers plenty of space for your guinea pigs, SONGMICS Guinea Pig Enclosure is the best option for you.

Despite having the divider panel it offers a wide living space for two guinea pigs.

You can keep your two guinea pigs separate easily if it’s needed to be. The reason for which you can use this cage with the divider is to prevent two guinea pigs from fighting or keeping male and female guinea pigs separate.

Moreover, you can take out the divider any time you want if you don’t want to use it.

This cage is also very affordable and has good value for money.

You get a small rubber mallet to set up the cage. You can put it together easily and quickly.

SONGMICS offers you good quality zip ties and non-slip pads.

Zip ties help strengthen the cage. Put the anti-slip pads in the bottom of the cage to prevent it from shaking and protect the floor from scratches.

This floor mat is made of oxford fabric that’s water-resistant. So, you can clean it easily.

This liner is also very comfortable for your guinea pigs. However, you should put bedding such as fleece for the liner for their extra comfort.

The cage has 3 doors. So, it’s easy to access and do all maintenance tasks.

Though the cage is effective for guinea pigs, it may not be so sturdy.

Your little piggies may not escape the cage as the grid spacing is dense.


Offers two rooms for two guinea pigs with a removable divider panel

Allows wide living space

Offers no-slip mats

Include rubber mallet and easy to assemble

Easy to perform cleaning and maintenance work

Very cheap price


Little bit flimsy

Product name

SONGMICS Guinea Pig Playpen, Small Animal Cage, Exercise Pen and Enclosure with Divider Panel for 2 Separate Spaces

5. Amazon Basics Small Animal Jumbo Cage

Amazon basics provide a great quality cage at a very affordable price. You can have the Jumbo cage for two guinea pigs.

The upper frame of the cage is made of iron wire and the bottom is made of pp plastic. This indoor cage is so sturdy as well.

It offers you a ready-made cage structure and all the facilities that a guinea pig cage needs. You get accessories such as a hay guard and a non-drip water bottle.

This cage also provides a balcony with an access ramp. Your guinea pigs get a restful space underneath the top level much like a hidey. Top-level also has a tip-proof food dish.

Amazon Basics Jumbo Cage has two openings, one at the top and the other at the front. So, it gives easy access to the cage. Feeding your guinea pigs and maintaining the cage is so easy.

Moreover, the bottom consists of a plastic bottom that also makes it much easier to clean the cage.

This safe and secure cage can also be loved by your two guinea pigs. You can assemble the cage easily after purchasing it.

If you want to use wood shaving as bedding material, you can do it easily as the base is deep enough for the shaving.

Moreover, it provides a wide space for your little piggies. 

However, some water bottles provided by the brand leak may leak within a few days. It’s also small and they may not access it well.

So, you may need to buy a water bottle for your two guinea pigs.

Without this issue, the quality of the cage is extremely good. You will hardly find any similar type of ready-made cage with all these accessories at such a cheap price.


Large space

Very affordable

Two openings and an easily accessible cage

Offers versatile accessories

Consists of two levels and a ramp

So Sturdy

Easy to clean

Provides space resembling a hidey underneath the upper level

Easy to put together


Small water bottles, may leak quickly

Product name

Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

6. Krolik Cage with wire extension

Ferplast provides an extra-large cage for small pets with 2 hay feeders, an elevated feeding area, 2 large water bottles, and a feeding bowl.

Krolik Cage is specially made for rabbits, but many guinea pig owners also use it. Though this cage offers you to put 3 guinea pigs, It will suggest it for two guinea pigs.

It has a separator inside the cage. Extension portion is 24L x 18W x 19.25H inches. That’s enough for a small pig to keep separate from another one for some time.

You can access the cage easily and clean it without any trouble, as there are multiple doors and detachable bottom.

Krolik Cage has a 5.5″ deep base and you can put litter or bedding materials nicely over it.

The size of this indoor cage is huge and your guinea pigs can enjoy the free space. But, the Krolik cage is a little bit expensive. Moreover, it may not look very strong either.

This cage is not so easy to assemble and it will take some time.


Wide living space

Offers essential accessories

Innovative design

Deep base and detachable bottom

Easy to maintain and clean

Provides cage partition


High price

Take time to assemble

Product name

Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage w/Wire Extension

7. Living World Deluxe Habitat

You can have another popular indoor cage for two guinea pigs offered by Living World. You need their X-large cage for two guinea pigs.

This cage is good for the piggies as it’s safe, spacious, and well ventilated.

Moreover, unlike other cages, Living World Deluxe Habitat is aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a beautiful color combination.

The package includes a hay guard, a tip-proof food bowl, and a drip-proof water bottle. So, you don’t need to buy those accessories separately. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the accessories, you can buy and replace those items.

The cage also provides a balcony and a hideout space underneath. A small ramp is situated inside the cage to access the balcony where your piggies will find the food bowl.

Living World cage is easy to set up using plastic clips and you don’t require any other tools for that.

You can put the bedding materials without having any issues on the base of the cage.

Accessibility and cleaning the cage are so easy because of the two openings. The plastic bottom base makes it comfortable to clean as well.

Though the price may seem a little bit high, it’s great value for money.


Great size

Easy to assemble

Easy to access and clean

Worth the money

Beautiful looking

Great durability

Provide a hideout

Offers accessories


Average quality accessories

Product name

Living World Deluxe Habitat (X-Large)

8. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Cage

You may have another good quality product by MidWest Homes for your two guinea pigs. The Wabbitat Deluxe is a good ready-made cage because it provides a wide space with an extension.

You can get the main cage structure first and then you can add the extension if you feel you need more space for your two guinea pigs.

This cage is chew-proof and safe for your piggie. You can access the interior of the cage easily as it has two doors. Keeping the cage clean is also very easy.

The base has enough depth to hold the beddings.

Moreover, you get accessories such as a hay feeder, a water bottle, and an elevated feeding area with a feeding bowl in the package.

They also get a hideout space under the elevated feeding area.

Setting up the cage is a little bit tricky and may need some time if you are new.

However, the structure of the cage isn’t very strong but may hold the weight of your little piggies.


Allows to extend the cage with cage separators

Provides wide space

Allows enough space for bedding

Offers accessories

Easy to access due to two doors


Not very strong

The average quality of accessories

May need time and effort to set up as a beginner

Product name

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

9. PawHut Pet DIY Small Animal Cage

PawHug offers you a good quality cage with 41.25″L x 27.5″W x 17.75″H dimensions and you can buy it for your two guinea pigs.

This design comes with 22 panels of metal wire to create a different design for the cage. You can also use it to make a playpen.

PawHut cage is so sturdy because of its high-quality metal structures. It’s also easy to assemble. 

This cage is so affordable and works great for taking care of your guinea pigs.

Though the door isn’t very wide, you can perform maintenance work and clean the cage well.


Provides wide space


Very strong

Easy to assemble

Cheap in price

Easy to maintain


The door not being very wide

Product name

PawHut Pet Playpen DIY Small Animal Cage 22 PCS for Guinea Pig

10. Rolling Metal Guinea Pig Cage by PawHut Cage

Rolling Metal Cage is a special type of cage for guinea pigs and small pets by Pawhut. This cage contains wheels and a foldable run.

So, you can move it anywhere at any time quite easily. Foldable run portions make the cage wide for your two guinea pigs.

However, the size of the main cage isn’t so big if you don’t use the cage. So, try to use both.

If you need a guinea pig cage with wheels, check out the best cages from this article.


Movable and transportable


Easy to maintain

Easy to assemble

Strong cage structure


Not a big cage without the run portion

Expensive in price

Product Name

PawHut Rolling Metal Rabbit, Guinea Pig, or Small Animal Hutch Cage with Main House and Run

Factor to be considered before making an indoor cage for 2 guinea pigs

You have to ensure the following things when you make an indoor cage for two guinea pigs.

Providing required horizontal space

When you have two or more guinea pigs, you may think of increasing the space of the cage in any dimension. But, it’s not right.

You have to ensure that they get enough flat space horizontally, not vertically or irregularly.

The required size of the cage increases with the number of guinea pigs. So, you need more build a larger cage for 2, 4, or more guinea pigs than a single guinea pig.

Even, it’s better to use a larger cage than recommended when you have multiple piggies. The reason is you may have to add many accessories when you have two guineas.

Being aware of the gender of guinea pigs

Keep two male or two female guinea pigs together in the same cage. They can live happily without having any problems.

But, you should be careful if you have a male and a female guinea pig. If you have no plan on breeding them, keep them in separate cages or use a cage divider. 

Ensuring enough ventilation

Air should pass through the guinea cage without any blocking. When you have put two guinea pigs, it will take a lot of space for their accessories. So, make sure air can pass flow freely.

Avoiding stacked cage

As guinea pigs require a lot of open space and proper ventilation, you should avoid a stacked cage like a ferret cage, even though many owners use it. It may not be so healthy for the piggies.

Using cage separator 

You can use a cage separator for two guinea pigs, especially if you have a male and a female guinea pig.

You can put a ramp between two parts of the cage so that they can visit their neighbors.

Being careful of the multi-level cage 

If you can ensure enough ventilation and have enough open space, you can use a multi-level cage for the little piggies.

But, ensure that the cage has the required amount of flat space on the ground floor.

Moreover, the multi-level cages should have stable and friendly ramps for guinea pigs.

FAQ on indoor cages for 2 guinea pigs

Is it OK to have 2 guinea pigs?

It’s better to have two guinea pigs than one. Guinea pigs don’t enjoy living alone and may have changes in their mood. Try to adopt two or more guinea pigs to give them a beautiful and healthy life.

What is the right size cage for 2 guinea pigs?

On average, two guinea pigs need a minimum of 7.5 square feet, but the preferred size is 10.5 square feet. Generally, the cage should be 30″ x 50″ big for 2 guinea pigs.

Which indoor guinea pig cage should you buy?

Guinea Habitat Plus by midwest is probably the best choice for two guinea pigs because of the advantages of the product. You can also consider Kaytee Open Living Habitat if you need a wider cage without any separator. The C&C cage can also serve the same purpose. So, you can go with it as well.

If you need to keep your two guinea pigs separate, use the C&C cage or SONGMICS Guinea Pig Enclosure with a divider panel.

However, you should be careful of the factors that I have discussed before in this article when you buy a cage for two piggies.


A cage for two guinea pigs may or may not have a divider. Guinea Habitat Plus by midwest is the best overall cage for two guinea pigs. C&C cage is another great choice that allows you to make a multi-level cage or a cage with a divider for two guinea pigs. Kaytee Open Living Habitat can be a good choice due to its massive size, but it doesn’t have a divider.

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