Can Guinea Pig Cages Be On The Floor?

While setting up a cage for guinea pigs, you wonder where you should put the cage inside your home. Then, the next question arises in your mind, “Can I put my guinea pig cage on the floor?”

Guinea pig cages can be on the floor if you can ensure a safe and sound environment for them. Instead of placing it directly on the floor, it’s better to use something underneath to lift the cage up from the floor or use a cage with a stand. It helps your guinea pig feel safe and comfortable. You can also access and do daily activities easily.

But, what should you do?

Let’s find it out and also know about the benefits and drawbacks of putting a cage on the floor.

When should you not place a guinea pig cage on the floor directly?

Guinea Pig Cages On The Floor

You can avoid putting the guinea pig’s cage on the floor directly without lifting it up or any stand for the following reasons.

Feeling stressed from daily activity

Normally, you have to walk and move around the room where you put the cage. Besides, you have to do daily maintenance work and move things around the cage and room. All of these activities are stressful for your little piggies if you place them on the floor. This is not good for their mental health.

Feeling insecure and scared

When you put your guinea pigs on the floor and you walk around, they feel like you are a giant.

In the wild, predictors attack them from a higher ground and they may think the same when you put them on the floor.

Furthermore, staying on the ground level also creates more unnecessary vibration for them when you walk around the cage.

So, they get scared sometimes and feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Drafts causing respiratory illness

Guinea pig’s respiratory system is so sensitive and too many drafts can lead to upper respiratory tract infection. They get more exposure to draft when they stay on the floor.

Having children

If you have children, it may not be safe for the cavies to stay on the floor. Kids may not be aware of piggies and they can hurt them when they play with guinea pigs and other toys.

Having other pets at home

If you own other pets such as dogs or cats, putting the guinea pigs on the floor is not safe at all. They can enter inside the cage and hurt them seriously as they can’t be friends with your guinea pig.

Difficulty in cleaning, feeding, and maintenance work

It’s maybe hard to perform all daily activities such as cleaning, feeding, vacuuming, or changing the water bottle by bending the knee or sitting on the ground.

It’s more difficult for those adults who can’t bend forward or sit down in this way due to weak bone health and other medical conditions.

Hard to supervise

When the cavies stay far below your eye level, it becomes difficult for you to supervise them. 

So, taking care of them regularly also becomes hard.

When can you put your guinea pig cage on the floor? 

Despite various issues that have been listed already, many guinea pig owners put the cage on the floor.

Actually, it mostly depends on personal preference. But, what are the situations when you can build the cage directly on the floor?

If you don’t have kids or other pets that can hurt your guinea pigs, and if you can ensure a safe environment for them eliminating all the issues that can create problems in the future, you can put the guinea pig cage on the floor.

Moreover, when you don’t get a good cage stand, you can also consider placing it on the floor.

But, highly suggest that you must consider the risk-benefit ratio before finalizing the choice.

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Why is putting a guinea pig cage on a stand better than on the floor?

It’s better to put a guinea pig’s cage on a stand than directly on the floor to keep the guinea pig on higher ground so that they can stay secure and feel comfortable and it can allow you to perform all the activities easily.

Let’s know the reasons why it’s a better option.

Comfortable and good for the mental health of guinea pigs

Keeping your guinea pigs at the same level as you keep them free of stress and feel comfortable.

They also like to observe their surroundings. Staying high above the ground also helps them look outside the cage nicely. This can also be less stressful for them.

So, putting a stand can be good for mental health.

Less risk of exposure to drafts

Piggies don’t come into contact with drafts directly in these cages and stay healthy.

Ensuring safe environment

If you have kids or other pets at your home, lifting off the cage with a stand will help you keep your guinea pigs safe from them.

As guinea pigs stay at the level of your eye, you can take care of them more and ensure their safety.

Building up a good relationship with guinea pigs

Since guinea pigs think that they stay at the same level as you, they won’t be scared of you or think of you as a giant.

Moreover, you can interact with them whenever you want.

All of these help you build a friendly relationship with piggies.

Putting them on the floor creates a barrier to doing so.

Easy to access the cage and perform daily activities

You can get quick and easy access to the cage when you put the cage near the level of your hand.

Performing daily tasks such as cleaning and feeding gets so easy for you. You don’t need to bend over or kneel down for that work.

Great to take care of guinea pigs

As the height allows you easy access to the cage and better interaction with the cavies, you can give more time to take care of them.

Allowing storage space underneath

When you use a stand in the cage, it offers you storage space underneath. You can put storage cubes or bins and organize guinea pigs’ supplies.

What to put on the floor of the guinea pig cage?

You can’t keep the floor of the cage exposed as this is bad for your guinea pig’s health.

First, put a liner and then safe, comfortable, and good bedding materials on the floor.

You can also use an absorbing layer under the bedding to increase the rate of absorption and keep the cage-free from moisture and odor.

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You can’t put the guinea pig cage directly on the floor if it has a stand.

You can put a mat or carpet so that it doesn’t shake when your guinea pigs move in the cage. The stand of the cage should be sturdy.

Should you put a guinea pig cage on the floor or table?

It’s better to use a table for the cage instead of putting it directly on the cage. However, you have to provide large and sturdy tables to hold the cage properly. This also creates storage space under the table where you can store guinea pig supplies.

Where should a guinea pig cage be placed indoors at your home?

Keep your guinea pig in a spacious room where air can circulate freely and you can control the light properly.

Don’t place the cage near a window directly as draft or cold air can cause a respiratory issue.

Moreover, don’t put the cage in the garage if it’s not part of your home and well insulated. A laundry room is also a bad idea.

While choosing a room for guinea pigs, always consider protecting them from temperature fluctuations, humidity fluctuations, and drafts. 

These can lead to various health problems and even death.

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Is it OK to put a guinea pig cage in your bedroom?

You can put your guinea pig cage in your bedroom if it has enough space and ventilation for the cage and you to move around. But, it’s better to keep them in a big room and separate room because it may be problematic for you sometimes.

The reason is that the guinea pig cage often produces a foul smell and makes the room so messy. This can become so uncomfortable for you.


Though some owners put a guinea pig cage on the floor, it may not be a good idea if you can’t ensure an appropriate environment for them. 

Guinea pigs can feel stressed, scared, and uncomfortable and you can’t do all the maintenance work easily.

So, it’s better to put the cage on a stand or have a cage with a stand.

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