9 Best Wood Bedding For Guinea Pigs [Buyers Guide]

Wood bedding is a very popular bedding option for guinea pigs. But, What is the best wood bedding for guinea pigs?

Aspen shavings are the best overall wood bedding for guinea pigs and Small Pet Select offers the best aspen bedding. Kiln-dried pine bedding and hemp-based bedding are also great because they have a greater absorption rate than aspen bedding. Small Pet Select pine pellet bedding, Living world pine shavings, and RentACoop hemp bedding are the best in the respective categories.

Here, I will discuss the best wood bedding for your guinea pigs with pros, cons, and price and know which factors you should consider before buying the wood bedding.

9 Best wood bedding for guinea pigs

Best Wood Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Before I discuss wood bedding, I want to inform you that the top 5 products on the list are the best in their respective categories based on their origin.

Here, you will get the best product based on aspen, wood pellet, pine, and hemp wood-based bedding.

Let’s take a look at the best wood bedding for guinea pigs.

1. Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

Small pet select provides high-quality aspen wood bedding for guinea pigs that meet almost all of the criteria of good bedding. It’s one of the most popular wood bedding right now. But, why should you use this?

Small pet select aspen bedding is a high absorption rate. So, you can expect great moisture and odor-controlling from these wood shavings.

But, what about the safety? This wood bedding is made of aspen shavings and goes through various processes such as kiln drying to make it free from volatile oil and dust.

Wood shavings can be dangerous for your guinea pig’s health if it contains any wood oils or dust.

Moreover, this aspen bedding doesn’t have any additives or added chemicals.

Many guinea pig owners are using this bedding without having any health issues. It also doesn’t cause any skin irritation or allergy.

Another important fact is it’s so soft and comfortable for your piggies. You may not get it from much wood-based bedding.

This natural bedding is also environmental-friendly as it can be composted. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Though the product is relatively expensive, this aspen bedding is really good value for money. Moreover, Small Pet Select is a well-known and popular brand in the pet industry, so you can trust them. Moreover 


Aspen shavings


Super absorbent

Excellent odor control

Very soft and comfortable

Safe for guinea pigs

Kiln-dried and no volatile oil


No scent or added chemicals

Recyclable and compostable

Easy to clean


High price

Product name

Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

2. Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

If you want to provide your guinea pig’s natural bedding, Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding can be a great choice for you.

Kaytee is ensuring good and safe bedding for your guinea pigs and is also a very popular brand. 

This natural aspen bedding absorbs moisture extremely well. You can have an odorless cage for a long time.

It’s also kiln-dried and well processed before packing and has no aromatic oils. So, it’s safe for your guinea pigs.

This bedding also contains no dust, wood debris, ink, any additive or added colors. Kaytee aspen shaving is also eco-friendly and can be composted.

Kaytee Aspen shaving is soft and comfortable for the piggies. Besides, you can clean and use the Kaytee aspen bedding easily as well.

However, some owners found some shaving has the scent. But, in most cases, that’s not a problem as you get a warranty (may be changed in the future) from the brand right now.

The price of this bedding is relatively high but a little bit less than Small Pet Select.


Aspen shavings


Great absorbency and odor-control

Kiln dried and no aromatic oils


No additives, ink, or added chemicals

Soft and cozy

Easy to clean


Some batch may be a bit smelly

Product name

Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

3. Small Pet Select All Natural Pellet Bedding

Small Pet Select offers you the best wood pellet bedding for your guinea pigs. It’s made of clean pine woods that is kiln-dried and processed well before packing.

It doesn’t contain toxins related to wood stove pellets and any other additives.

These pine pellets are safe to use for guinea pigs as they contain no dust and aromatic oils.

Many owners use wood pellet bedding and find it helpful for the guinea pig’s cage. Aborsancy is really great. It can also prevent any bad odor for a long time.

The portion of pellets that come in contact with liquid will turn into powder. You can clean those powders easily. Moreover, it’s not messy like wood shavings.

If not as bedding, you can always consider using it for the litter box.

However, it’s a little bit heavy. So, you may need to reinforce the top levels if you have a multi-level cage.

As it’s in pellet form, it is not soft like shavings and creates an irregular surface for the piggies to walk on it. But, that’s not a big deal.

You can provide fleece or ink-less shredded papers over the layer of wood pellets. Small Pet Select Pellet bedding can be a good choice for you if you don’t like aspen bedding.


Pine pellets


High absorbency

Great odor-control

Kiln-dried pine

No wood toxins, aromatic oils, or additives 

Easy to clean


Worth the money


Irregular surface for walking can be solved by putting an extra bedding layer on top


Product name

Small Pet Select All Natural Pellet Bedding

4. Living World Pine Shavings

Living World Pine Bedding is the best pine-based bedding for guinea pigs. Pine is the best in terms of absorbency and you can expect the same from this product. 

The main concern about pine bedding is the aromatic oil that is dangerous for guinea pigs’ respiratory system and liver. But, this product is kiln-dried and contains no aromatic oils.

It’s also dust-extracted and free of wood debris. So, it won’t cause any breathing problems for them.

Living world pine shavings have a pleasant natural aroma and also control odor extremely well.

It’s a little bit expensive but good value for money.

However, some packages may have a few sharp and pokey wood sticks that can hurt your guinea pigs. So, check the shaving you spread them.


Kiln-dried pine shavings


Super absorbency


Soft and fluffy

Great odor-control

Dust extracted

Easy to clean

No wood debris or aromatic oils

Prevents growth of bacteria, mold, or fungus


High price

Some pack may contain sharp wood sticks

Product name

Living World Pine Shavings

5. RentACoop Hemp Bedding

If you want hemp plant-based bedding, RentACoop Help bedding is the best option. In fact, hemp-based bedding can be better than many aspen or pine shavings.

Hemp bedding has a high absorbency rate. Moreover, it becomes dry so fast after getting wet. Besides, urine can reach down to the lower layer quite easily and keep the top surface dry. So, it controls moisture and odor extremely well.

It’s safe to use for guinea pigs because they don’t use any pesticides or insecticides while growing the hemp. Moreover, hemp doesn’t contain dangerous aromatic oils or smell like pine. It’s organic, eco-friendly, and can be composted.

Hemp is naturally occurring antibacterial and antifungal. So, it’s so hygienic for your guinea pigs.

Though this product is soft, your little pigs may not find it comfortable like other bedding. You can spread some hay over it or in the hidey to make it comfortable.


Hemp shavings


High absorbency

Great odor-control

Safe for guinea pig

Odorless and No aromatic oils

No insecticides or pesticides


Possess Antibacterial and antifungal property

Organic and compostable 

Reasonable price

Longer lasting


Include high shipping cost due to heavy-weight

Not so comfortable, 

Product name

RentACoop Hemp Bedding

6. Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

If you are looking for a cheaper aspen bedding for your guinea pigs, living world aspen bedding is the best option for you.

It maintains a good quality at a very affordable price. These kiln-dried aspen shavings are safe for guinea pigs as it’s hypoallergenic, dust-free and scent-free.

It can also absorb moisture from poop or urine and control odor very well.

However, sometimes you may feel a portion of shaving is sharper or heavier than other aspen shavings.

So, it may not be comfortable for piggies and you need to be careful about it. Besides, it can get messy over time.


Aspen shavings



Good absorbency and moisture control

Kiln-dried and odorless

No dust and no aromatic oils

Prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungus


Not so soft and cozy

May contains sharper and heavier wood shavings


Product name

Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

7. PETSPICK Aspen Soft Pet Bedding

Another aspen wood bedding that you can consider for your guinea pig is the bedding by PETSPICK.

It also maintains good quality. This aspen shaving offers good absorbency and smell control.

PETSPICK makes the bedding from virgin aspen wood that’s 99.9% dust-free and kiln-dried. There is no aromatic oil or any added chemical within it.

However, those aspen bedding may feel like wood chips rather than shaving. So, it may not be comfortable for guinea pigs.

You also need to change the bedding more frequently than other similar products to maintain hygiene.

Besides, the cost of the product is much higher, but it comes in a small pack.


Aspen shavings


Good absorbent

Kiln Dried

No aromatic oil and no-scent

99.9% dust-free

Good smell control


A little bit harder and sharpener shavings


Expensive but small pack

Product name

PETSPICK Aspen Soft Pet Bedding for Small Animals

8. PETSPICK Pine Small Pet Bedding, 24L

These pine shavings are also kiln dried and good absorbent. Moreover, it can also control odor well.

It doesn’t contain any volatile oils, but some products are a little bit dusty. So, make sure your guinea pig doesn’t face any breathing issues.

However, it doesn’t contain any additives, or added scent or chemicals.

Get this bedding only if you have no other choice.


Kiln-dried pine shavings



Absorbent moisture well

Control odor nicely

No additives or chemicals


A little bit dusty

May contain sharp wood stick

Product name

PETSPICK Pine Small Pet Bedding

9. Kaytee Pine Bedding

This bedding is used for many small pets. Many owners use this for their guinea pigs as well.

Kaytee Pine Bedding is really soft and absorbs moisture well. It’s dust extracted and free of wood debris.

However, it’s not labeled as kiln-dried so I won’t suggest you use this for guinea pigs. It shouldn’t be used if there is not enough ventilation or open space in the cage. 


Pine shavings


Soft and cozy


No wood-debris

Good absorbency and odor-control



No label of kiln-dried

May not be healthy for guinea pigs

Product name

Kaytee Pine Bedding

Things to be considered before buying wood bedding for guinea pigs

Before you choose and buy wood bedding for your guinea pigs, ensure that it meets the following criteria.

Free of Volatile oil

You can’t use all wood bedding for your guinea pigs, because their body is different than other small pets. Softwood shaving contains volatile oils that spread a scent, It’s dangerous for guinea pig’s lungs, liver and may cause life-threatening complications. So, make sure that the wood bedding doesn’t contain aromatic oils


Dust particles cause respiratory difficulty and illness and also lead to serious complications for guinea pigs. Wood bedding should go through the filtering process to remove the dust particles. Check out the label if it’s dust extracted and recheck the product before using it.


Wood bedding must not have any smell whether it’s added while processing or because of the aromatic oils it contains. To ensure safety for piggies, make sure it’s odorless. Open the pack and if you find that it’s spreading a quite strong smell, stay away from it. It may be pleasant to you, but harmful for the guinea pig’s health.


If you use pine shaving for guinea pig’s bedding, you must ensure that it’s kiln-dried. Pine wood contains a high amount of aromatic oil. Those which are available for guinea pigs go through the processing, called kiln dried to eliminate the oils. So, check the label of the product and know if it’s kiln-dried.

Good absorbency and smell controlling

As a guinea pig’s bedding should be good at absorbency and odor-controlling, ensure that the wood bedding does the same or you may need to switch to another type of bedding product such as paper bedding. Kiln-dried pine has a great moisture-controlling capability. Aspen bedding can also absorb moisture well.

Safe for guinea pig’s health

As wood bedding may have volatile oils and dust and produce an odor, it can be dangerous to guinea pig’s health, if you don’t ensure the quality. So, make sure that the bedding is safe and recommend it for the guinea pig’s health.

Soft and comfortable

Wood bedding such as aspen or kiln-dried pine bedding is comfortable for the guinea pigs, but some products may not be. Wood shavings that’s too hard and pokey can cause injury to their body. So, make sure the wood bedding you use is soft and cozy for your guinea pig’s feet.

Moreover, don’t use any wood bedding if you have hairless guinea pigs, because it will cut their body or cause injury. If you are concerned about softness, you can go with fleece bedding for them.

FAQ on wood bedding for guinea pigs

Is wood bedding good for guinea pigs?

Wood bedding can be a good option for guinea pigs as it provides a great absorbance and odor-controlling capacity. However, you have to ensure that the bedding is safe for your guinea pig’s health.

Can guinea pigs use wood chips for bedding?

You can’t use thick wood chips for guinea pig’s bedding as they will hurt their soft and sensitive skin and are not good as bedding material. However, you can use wood shavings that are soft and safe for guinea pigs.

Are wood shavings OK for guinea pigs?

Wood shavings such as aspen or kiln-dried pine shavings work extremely well as guinea pig’s bedding. Those are safe, soft, and comfortable for guinea pigs. But, cedar or unprocessed pine shavings are bad for guinea pig’s health.

Are guinea pigs allergic to wood?

Guinea pigs are allergic to pine and cedar wood shavings. These wood shavings can also lead to chronic skin problems. Moreover, pine and cedar contain aromatic oils that cause respiratory difficulty and can be fatal to guinea pigs. Any wood shaving with dust also causes allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. However, kiln-dried and dust extracted aspen or pine shavings don’t cause allergies or any health issues.

What kind of wood bedding is safe for guinea pigs?

Kiln-dried aspen or pine bedding that contains no aromatic oils and dust that can be used safely for guinea pigs. Aromatic oils and dust particles are dangerous for their health, so softwood bedding such as pine and cedar or dusty substance like sawdust must be avoided.

How much does guinea pig wood bedding cost?

The average price of wood bedding for guinea pigs is 0.2$ to 0.65$ per liter. So, you may need to spend around 22$ to 75$ 113L of wood shavings.

Final thought

Aspen wood bedding is the best overall paper bedding because it’s safe for guinea pigs and you don’t have to worry much about their health. So, you can buy good quality aspen bedding from a well-known brand such as Small Pet Select.

If you want kiln-dried pine or hemp bedding because of its high absorbency, you can go with Living world pine bedding or RentACoop hemp bedding.

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