9 Best Fleece Bedding For Guinea Pigs [Buyers Guide]

The fleece liner is a popular bedding option for indoor guinea pigs and guinea pig’s also like this type of bedding material. But, What is the best fleece bedding for guinea pigs?

GuineaDad fleece liner is the best fleece bedding for guinea pigs as it’s specially designed for guinea pigs and has a greater absorbency rate than other fleece bedding. It can also control odor better and is so soft and cozy for pigs. However, there are also other fleece bedding available in the market which are also very popular and effective as bedding.

But, what are the other fleece bedding that you can use for your guinea pigs? Which factor do you need to consider before buying a product?

Here is the buyer’s guide and reviews on fleece bedding for guinea pigs with FAQ.

9 Best fleece liner bedding for guinea pigs

Best Fleece Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Let’s take a look at the top 9 fleece liner bedding for guinea pigs

1. GuineaDad Fleece Liner and Bedding (Editor’s choice)

GuineaDad fleece liner is completely different from other fleece or blankets that are available on the market.

At first, the owner created this product for his guinea pigs to give them a healthy and better life as he found other fleece didn’t meet all the requirements as it’s expected.

So, he designed this fleece with many experts and created a type of fleece that meets all requirements that a guinea pig needs from it.

Today, Guineadad fleece is the best fleece liner bedding available in the market. But, why?

First of all, GuineaDad fleece is created only for guinea pigs to provide them with the best product.

Next is, that many fleece bedding can’t control moisture well and they cause bacterial infection in guinea pigs.

GuineaDad fleece bedding is made of a layer of natural bamboo fibers and includes a waterproof backing.

That’s why it’s the best in terms of absorbance and moisture control. This also reduces the risk of bacterial infection. 

Moreover, it contains zero dust. Dust can be dangerous for guinea pigs’ health.

The top of this fleece is so soft and comfortable for your guinea pig’s sensitive feet. It’s also easy to clean and wash.

But, like other fleece bedding, you have to do spot cleaning and poo-picking regularly and wash it once a week to control odor and maintain hygiene.

This product is also well measured so that it fits well in all types of guinea pig cages. You may not find this advantage with other fleece.

However, it has a high initial cost, but it’s hard to ignore it. Today, many brands also create similar types of fleece for guinea pigs at lower costs which I have discussed below.

But, I believe, Guineadad fleece outperforms all of those.

Special features

Made off a specific bamboo blend over a simple cotton

Includes borrow pocket sleeve

Offers free hidey


Designed especially only for guinea pigs

Higher absorbency and moisture control

Greater bacteria control

Zero dust

Good odor-control

Include waterproof backing

Reusable and longer-lasting

Low maintenance cost

Super soft and comfortable

Easy to clean

Fit in the cage properly


Need regular spot cleaning and washing

A little bit high initial cost

Our recommended product

GuineaDad Liner – Midwest Size, Blue | Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners

2. Geegoods Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners

This product is very affordable and a great fleece bedding for guinea pigs. Geegoods Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners are highly absorbent due to the four layers of materials.

The top layer is made with soft breathable 50%cotton for the soft paws of your piggies. In the middle, it has a high dentistry cotton layer that provides high absorbency.

The bottom two layers are the TPU layer and 100% polyester knitting fabric layer. TPU layer is waterproof that provides air permeability and helps it dry faster.

Anti-slip knitted fabric layers give protection to the floor underneath and make a nice grip on the floor.

This fleece also prevents bad smells very well. You can easily sweep off urine, poop, water, or any moisture easily and keep the bedding dry.

However, you have to wash it once a week and it adds an extra laundering cost. Another problem is some sizes may not fit well in the guinea pig’s cage. So, ensure that before you buy.

Special feature

4 super absorbent layer


Very cheap price

Easy spot-cleaning

Fast absorption capacity

Great moisture control

Good odor control

Washable and reusable


Needs regular washing and poo-picking

Includes regular laundering cost

May not fit all cage properly

Our recommended product

Geegoods Guinea Pig Cage Liners – Guinea Pig Bedding

3. Small Pets and Company Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner

This fleece ensures high-quality fabrics. It can also absorb moisture well. This product is almost similar to GuineaDad fleece.

The Small Pets and Company fleece consists of three layers.

The middle layer is an absorbing layer and the outer two layers are made of luxury fleece. It also makes sure the fleece can control odor for a long time.

Though this product doesn’t allow you to customize the size, you will get a variety of sizes and it fits your guinea pig’s enclosure well.

However, sometimes you may have face difficulty removing the stains from urine or poop. If you can’t do regular spot-cleaning it may cause a bad smell after a while. 

But, current products are really great and act nicely as guinea pig’s bedding.


Offers a variety of colors and texture

Good absorbent and odor control

Very soft and cozy

Washable and reusable

Available in different size


Maybe a little bit hard to wash perfectly


Need regular maintenance

Our recommended product

Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner | Fleece Guinea Pig Bedding

4. Courtney’s Handmade Pet Bedding Fleece Cage Liner

This fleece can be a great choice as bedding for your guinea pig. They will love the softness as it has a double layer of fleece. This material is snuggly and durable at the same time. 

Not only that, it’s highly absorbent due to the presence of a recycled denim layer within it. This fleece also controls odor extremely well.

Another great thing about this product is it’s available in different sizes that match the ideal size of a guinea pig’s cage.

Special feature

Highly absorbent recycled denim layer.


Very soft and comfortable

Highly absorbent

Great odor control

Easy to clean, wash and dry

Fit on the cage perfectly

Eco-friendly and reusable


High initial price

Need regular spot-cleaning

Our recommended product

Courtney’s Handmade Pet Bedding Fleece Cage Liner | Multiple Prints & Sizes | Midwest

5. BWOGUE Guinea Pig Cage Liners

BWOGUE offers you a good quality fleece liner for guinea pigs. This product comes in a medium price range compared to the previous three products I discussed.

It has good absorption and odor-controlling capacity. This brand also claims to provide you with dry protection at night. 

Besides, you can wash it easily with a washing machine and reuse it without having any issues.

This fleece has four layers to ensure moisture control similar to Geegoods fleece. The high-density middle layer ensures better absorption and keeps it dry.

The Breathable TPU inner layer makes it waterproof and knitting fabric (100% polyester) with anti-slip bottom ensures it sticks to the floor properly.

However, it may not absorb too well sometimes or after a while as it’s too thin. So, you may need an extra absorbing layer.

Sometimes, it is also hard to prevent the bad odor with it that produces over time.


Good absorbency

Ensure a good fit on the cage

Convenient to replace


Easy to clean


May produce smell if not cleaned properly

Need regular washing and cleaning

Too thin

Our recommended product

BWOGUE 2 Pack Guinea Pig Cage Liners Washable Guinea Pig Bedding

6. Piggy BedSpreads Fleece Cage Liner

Piggy BedSpreads provide beautiful-looking fleece liners for your guinea pigs. The interesting thing about this fleece is that if you want to make guinea pigs colorful and beautiful, it can be the right choice for you. 

It can work great as bedding because it absorbs moisture nicely. The middle layer of the product contains good quality absorbent pad. 

So, you can expect great moisture control. You can also sweep the poop and urine quite easily.

This brand also offers you fleece liner in different sizes.

However, the price of the product is high compared to similar kinds of bedding. It will also need regular cleaning and washing to prevent a foul smell.


Best looking liners

Great absorbing capacity

Good odor control

Easy spot-cleaning

Available in different colors and textures

Offer different sizes


Very expensive

Need regular cleaning

Our recommended product

Guinea Pig Bedding | Fleece Cage Liners

7. Sunshine Big Town Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners

This is another good-quality fleece liner for the guinea pig’s cage. This product has four layers to make it so effective to use on the floor of the cage.

After opening the Sunshine Big Town Guinea Pig Fleece package, you can see a soft fleece layer on the top.

To absorb the moisture from the guinea pig’s pee or poop, it has a super absorbent middle layer.

Then, it has a waterproof layer to prevent liquid from leaking through the bottom.

To make a perfect grip on the floor, it has an anti-slip bottom. So, you can expect a good absorbency from this fleece.

However, this fleece isn’t very soft and comfortable for your guinea pigs like other products that I have discussed above. So, you may not like using it for a very long time.

You can consider using it as a liner under another fleece rather than bedding as it absorbs moisture well.


Great absorbency

Low price

Line cage well

Easy to clean

Provides good grip on the surface


Not so soft and cozy as other fleece

Very thin

Our recommended product

Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners – 2 Pack Washable Guinea Pig Bedding

8. Comsmart Soft Fleece Blankets

This is a little bit different than the other fleece I listed above. It’s more like a blanket and more fluffy and softer. This fleece blanket keeps the cage warm in winter.

However, it’s not as good as other fleece bedding due to its small size. Moreover, it’s thin and not a good absorbent.

But, high absorbency is required for a guinea pig’s cage. But, you can use one or more blankets in the winter season to allow your piggies to have warmth.


Keep guinea pigs warm

Very soft, fluffy, and comfortable

Variety of colors

Affordable in price

Available in a bulk-pack


Thin and can’t control moisture well

Don’t fit in the cage perfectly

Need more frequent cleaning

Our recommended product

Comsmart Pet Blanket Dog Cat Soft Fleece Blankets

9. Morinome Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner

This product provides super soft polar fleece on the outer layer. Inner two layers consist of sponge and waterproof polyester fabric.

So, Morinome fleece is soft and can control moisture nicely. It’s easy to clean and reusable.


Thick and so absorbent

Control odor well

Easy to wash and clean


High price

Need to wash only on cold to prevent shrinkage

Our recommended product

Morinome Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner and Bedding

Things to be considered before buying fleece bedding for guinea pigs

A proper type of fleece

You should use a fleece that’s specially made for guinea pigs. All fleece may not be suitable as bedding because it may not have all the criteria that an ideal fleece should have for guinea pigs.

Choose one fleece from the list that I provided above. Those ensure better quality and effectiveness while used inside the cage.

Presence of an absorbent and waterproof layer

Many fleeces have an issue with absorbency. If you search forums and social media, many pet owners complain about this. It’s because most of them choose the wrong product.

As any fleece isn’t good as bedding for guinea pigs, you must buy a fleece that includes an absorbent layer.

Fleeces for guinea pigs are usually multi-layer and it’s different from those normal fleeces. It has an absorbent layer in the middle and a waterproof layer on the back. You have to ensure all of these.

It has a good moisture-controlling capacity and you don’t have to face problems in the future with it.

Even though you don’t use multi-layer fleece, add an absorbent later like a puppy pad to control the moisture.

You can also get paper bedding if you are too concerned about absorbency.

If your fleece is not wicking, check out this article.

Good at controlling odor

Guinea pig bedding produces a bad smell over time. Owners face this problem more with a fleece blanket, especially when they don’t use fleece with an absorbent layer. Make sure that the fleece can absorb moisture well and thus control odor.

Check out my other article on how to control fleece bedding odor.


Any kind of smell can be harmful to the guinea pig’s respiratory system and overall health. So, make sure the fleece has no smell whether it’s new or old. So, wash it properly and make it dry before using.


Though clean or new fleece may not be dusty like paper or wood bedding, you have to ensure that it’s dust-free.

Dust particles cause breathing problems and respiratory infections in guinea pigs. So, be aware of that.

Longer lasting

Many fleeces lose their absorbing capacity after a while because of regular laundering. It’s not that you will stop washing or cleaning it regularly.

You need to make sure that you get a fleece that’s strong enough to survive the laundering work.

New and clean

Always try to use new fleece as it has no bad odor or dust that can be bad for guinea pig’s health.

However, after getting a new fleece, make sure it doesn’t have those either. There must not be any chemicals inside the fleece either.

As you can reuse the same fleece, again and again, wash it properly and regularly. Always, provide a clean fleece.

FAQ on fleece for guinea pigs

What is fleece bedding for guinea pigs?

Fleece is usually a cage liner for a guinea pig’s cage and it’s different from other types of bedding for guinea pigs. Fleece is made of several layers of fabric and is widely used as bedding for guinea pigs because it’s washable, reusable, and more comfortable for guinea pigs.

Guinea pig’s fleece consists of an absorbent layer or you have to use an absorbent pad under the fleece to control moisture.

Do guinea pigs like fleece bedding?

Guinea pigs like fleece bedding more than any other bedding material because of its softness and comfort. Though guinea pigs’ ancestors liked wood shavings more, indoor guinea pigs love fleece because of their delicate bodies and soft feet.

Check out why your guinea pig is burrowing under fleece.

What do you put under fleece in a guinea pig cage?

You have to put an absorbent layer such as puppy pads, old bath towels, bath mats, newspaper, or U-haul blankets under the fleece. You can also use a coroplast liner at the very bottom of the cage to line the cage before putting an absorbent layer and fleece.

If your fleece contains an absorbent layer within it you don’t need to use an extra absorbent layer.

How do you wash guinea pig fleece?

First of all brush off the shavings, poop, or food any debris from the fleece before washing the guinea pig fleece. Fleece bedding usually allows machine wash. Pour the vinegar to kill the germs and use high heat to wash the fleece. You can also use a detergent that contains no additives, fillers, or coatings.

After washing dry off the fleece completely before putting it again on the floor of the cage.

Never use fabric softeners and dryer sheets to wash the fleece as they are harmful to guinea pigs.

Where can I get fleece bedding for guinea pigs?

You can buy fleece liner or bedding for guinea pigs in a local pet store or order it online anytime from anywhere in the world, as it’s widely available.

How to clean fleece bedding for guinea pigs?

Clean the fleece and do spot-cleaning regularly. Remove all hay and dirt using a curry comb over the fleece. After that shake out the bedding nicely to get rid of the remaining dust and debris. Wash the fleece in a washing machine at least once per week. But, before placing it inside the washing machine, perform the routine cleaning first.

How often to clean and wash guinea pig fleece?

You have to spot-clean at least 1-2 times a day to prevent the fleece from spreading a foul smell or getting too dirty. You also need to wash the fleece at least once a week to maintain hygiene.

How to use fleece bedding for guinea pigs?

First, put an absorbent layer on the floor if your fleece doesn’t contain any absorbent layer. After that, place the fleece over it to cover up the whole floor of the cage. You can also place a coroplast liner at the very bottom of your cage needs a liner.

How to prevent the fleece from smelling?

You have to spot-clean the bedding every day and wash the fleece at least every 7 days to prevent it from producing a bad odor. If it has already developed a foul smell, you can mix baking soda and water and soak the fleece in it overnight to get rid of the smell.

Learn more from our other article.

How much does guinea pig fleece bedding cost?

Midwest (24″ x 48″) size fleece may cost you anywhere from 20$ to 55$. The average price of the fleece bedding that’s specially designed for guinea pigs to control moisture and odor is 50$-55$.

Which fleece bedding you should buy?

In this article, I have provided a huge list of fleece bedding so that you can choose one from that easily. From these reviews, we have found that GuineaDad offers the absolute best fleece for guinea pigs. So, I recommend, you go for GuineaDad fleece bedding without any doubt.

However, if you want an alternative to GuineaDad, go for Small Pets and Company fleece highly rated by users. You can also choose Courtney’s Handmade Pet bedding that I personally like.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can choose Geegoods guinea pigs’ liner. BWOGUE cage liner comes after that.

But, make sure the product you choose is good at absorbency, odor control, and easy cleaning. Also, it should be soft and cozy for your guinea pigs.

Final thought

If you are looking for bedding that can be soft and comfortable for your guinea pigs that can also cut down your cost, fleece is the right choice for you. GuineaDad provides the best quality fleece bedding.

Geegoods, Small Pets and Company, BWOGUE, and Courtney’s Handmade Pet Bedding also provide great quality fleece.

Before you buy a product, make sure it matches all the criteria that proper fleece bedding should have.

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