Guinea Pig Cage With Storage Underneath: Benefits, Reviews

There are many types of cages available for indoor guinea pigs. A Guinea pig’s cage with storage is one of those.  But, the question is, do you need a guinea pig cage with storage bins underneath?

You may have a guinea pig cage with storage underneath if you want to save space at your home to store their foods, bedding, toys, and supplies. It also ensures you get all the essential stuff at your fingertips. Storage bins also let you keep everything organized and the cage clean.

To get this type of cage, you can buy a cage that provides that facility, or you can lift off your existing cage with a stand and add storage bins underneath.

Let’s find out the 5 best guinea pigs cage with storage and their benefits and drawbacks.

Why do you need a Guinea Pig Cage with storage underneath (Benefits)?

Guinea pig cage with storage underneath

Here are the reasons and benefits for which you need a guinea pig cage with storage underneath.

1. Ensuring a better life for them

Just like human beings, guinea pigs need so many things to live their lives. When you adopt a guinea pig, you have to build or provide everything that it requires.

Storage for guinea pigs is just like your cabinet that improves your lifestyle.

2. Saving space in your home

You need to keep guinea pig supplies somewhere in your home. If you have storage with the cage, you don’t need to block another corner of your house to store those stuff. So, it can save a lot of space in your home.

As storage space is important for piggies, you can check out extra-large cages for them.

3. Helping you keep everything organized

You need to buy a lot of things for your guinea pigs to provide them with a good life. Storage bins allow you to organize everything that you buy and need every day.

As you are using 4 or more storage boxes or cubes, you can use separate boxes for separate items such as food, bedding, toys, and other accessories.

4. Keeping the food fresh and safe

You have to store guinea pigs’ hay, vegetables, pellets, and other foods inside a plastic container.

You also have to ensure that they remain fresh and safe for them. Storage can make your job easy to store foods nicely.

5. Storing the bedding

You need to change the bedding for your guinea pigs regularly. If you use fleece, you can wash and keep one batch of fleece inside the storage and put another batch on the floor.

When you have to replace it, you can simply take out the fresh fleece from the storage box and put it in the cage.

You can also store aspen or kiln-dried pine shaving and replace the shaving daily. So, now you see how much help a cage with storage can be!

Check out the top fleece, wood, and paper bedding to buy for your piggies.

6. Keeping the toys and accessories

Like other small pets, your guinea pig also loves to play with toys. You can keep those toys and other accessories inside the storage bin underneath the cage nicely.

7. Storing the cage cleaner

You have to clean guinea pig cages regularly to keep them healthy and create a sound environment. So, you have to buy cage cleaners. You can also keep the cleaner in the store separately.

This helps not mix it with another cleaner at your home that may not be safe for them.

8. Keeping the cage clean

As the storages let you arrange all the stuff properly, there is less chance that the inside of the cage gets messy or unclean unnecessarily.

Also, this type of cage helps you clean the cage properly as it gives you more access to the cage because it stays a lot higher than the floor.

What if you don’t have a guinea pig cage with storage underneath?

If you don’t use storage underneath the guinea pig’s cage, you have to create another storage to keep their essential utilities and supplies. The problem with that is you have to provide extra space for this purpose.

If you are living in a small house or can’t offer extra space for these, you can face problems maintaining all of this stuff.

7 Best Guinea Pig Cage with storage

Guinea Pig Cage stand with storage

1. Amazon Basics Wire Storage Shelves

Amazon Basics offers you great quality metal wire grids to make storage for your guinea pigs. You can use these grid panels to make a separate closet or storage rack as well as storage spaces underneath the guinea pig’s cage.

These panels are made of powder-coated steel wire that’s so durable. Connectors are also very good and they make the structure sturdy. However, you can use zip-ties to make it sturdier.

One cube has a 10-pound weight capacity and all cubes have a 60-pound weight capacity in total. It can easily hold the weight of not only the guinea pig’s supplies but also the cage.

The space of the storage is also very big. So, you can keep all the supplies such as bedding, food, toys, and accessories separately in different partitions or cubes.

This product is very customizable and versatile. You can use it to make storage space underneath a pre-existing cage such as a Midwest guinea habitat or c&c cage.

You just have to add 4 or more cubes horizontally depending on the size of the cage and put the cage on it for making storage space.

The price of the Amazon Basics 6 Cube Grid, Wire Storage Shelves is very affordable.

However, the only concern is when you make a full cage with the panels, as the cage holes are a little bit large. Be aware that your baby guinea pigs don’t stick their head out through the hole.

You can use a liner to cover up height up to 8-10 inches to prevent it from happening.


Durable and sturdy

Easy to assemble

Wide storage spaces

Large cage size

So versatile and customizable

Easy to clean


May need to add extra zip ties

Little bit large holes in the wire grid

Product Name

Amazon Basics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves

2. C&C cage with storages

If you decide to create storage spaces for your guinea pigs, the C&C cage with storage can be a great option. This cage offers you a ready-made cage with storage. Even if you don’t buy the cage with storage, you can add them later whenever you need them.

Other cages may not be designed to give you storage space and you may need to customize and think a lot to build the storage.

You may wonder why I listed it on number two, though it’s better than Amazon Basic product.

Only because of the availability of cage extension or storage. You should definitely go for this if you get it from an online store.

C&C cage allows you to plane 3 or more separate storage spaces with a partition.

So, you can keep different stuff from your guinea pigs in different storage bins. Storage spaces that are also wide enough.

Moreover, the C&C cage is a well-known brand in the guinea pig industry. So, you can have it without any doubt.

They use high-quality metal grids and connectors that ensure a strong, sturdy, and longer-lasting cage.

The cage also includes a loft with a ramp that’s friendly for your guinea pigs. The package also consists of a coroplast sheet to line the cage nicely.

They offer cages with different dimensions. All cages provide a recommended amount of space for guinea pigs. Choose one depending on the number of guinea pigs you have.

The cage is easy to maintain and clean. You can build the cage with a little effort if you follow the proper guideline. This cage is really good value for money.


Provide big storage space underneath

Longer lasting

Safe for guinea pigs

Strong and sturdy

Provides big space for guinea pigs

Highly customizable and versatile

Worth the money

Easy to clean and access

Colorful and good looking

Available in different dimensions

Includes loft with ramp and coroplast liner


Slightly expensive

Product Name

C&C cage with a storage

3. LANGXUN DIY cage and Metal Wire Storage Cubes Organizer

You can build another good cage with storage designed by LANGXUN. This Metal Wire Storage consists of good quality coated steel.

You can use the wire grids to make storage shelves or cages with storage underneath.

This product gives you a lot of storage space. It’s strong and can carry 44 pounds of weight.

If you want to make a cage with wire grids, it will provide your perfect size for guinea pigs.

You can easily set up the cage. Accessibility and cleaning of the cage are also very easy.

However, cage grids are much larger. So, you need to take extra precautions to prevent your guinea pigs from sticking their head out.


Good quality and coated metal wire grids

Provides enough space for storage and cage

Easy to assemble

Study and durable

So versatile

Easy to clean

Reasonable price


Larger holes in the cage

Need to take extra care of baby guinea pigs

Product Name

LANGXUN 16pcs Metal Wire Storage Cubes Organizer, DIY Small Animal Cage

4. SONGMICS Upgrade Customizable Animal Fence with Storage

Another great quality cage with storage that works great for guinea pigs is SONGMICS Upgrade Customizable Animal Fence. This product is not only customizable but also sturdy.

You can set up the cage so easily by following the instructions. To build the storage, you have to make a single-level cage. Use 5 or more grids underneath based on the size of the cage.

So, you will get at least 4 storage spaces with a partition. You can arrange all of the guinea pig’s supplies nicely in those cubes.

SONGMICS offers good-quality connectors and high-quality steel wires. So, the cage is so strong and durable.

The wire spacing of the SONGMICS cage is much smaller than the LANGXUM cage. But, you still need to be careful so that your guinea pigs can’t squeeze their heads through the holes.

Cleaning and maintenance work is also very easy if you decide to use the cage.

They also offer a small hammer to build up the cage and a non-slip mat to stabilize it.


Very strong and sturdy

Offers plenty of storage space

Easy to set up

Highly customizable and versatile

Worth the money

Easy to access and clean


Need to be careful of wire spacing

Product Name

SONGMICS Upgrade Customizable Animal Fence with Storage, Metal Wire Pen Fence for Small Animals

5. C&AHOME Wire Cube Storage Organizer, Storage Bins Shelves

C&AHOME allows you to make a guinea pig with storage. Not only that, but you can also build beautiful storage bins shelves, or a storage rack for their bedding, toys, and other supplies.

You can change the shape and look of the cage, as it’s highly customizable. You can use this product to build a playpen for your little piggies. It’s also very affordable. 

The cage is also very durable. However, some owners have found the cage is a little bit flimsy. 

They give you cable ties that ensure the security and stability of the cage. But, sometimes you may find that connectors are not working well. In that case, you should use zip ties to reinforce it.

You also get non-slip mats that allow a good grip on the floor, if you get their cage package.

C&AHOME Wire Cube Storage Organizer or cage is easy to assemble. They also provide a hammer to set up the cage easily.

The grids of the cage are a little bit large and you have to be careful if you have baby guinea pigs. They shouldn’t stick their head through the holes.


Customizable and easy to assemble

Allows multifunctional use

Very affordable

Easy to maneuver

Good cage size


A little flimsy

May need to secure it with extra zip ties

Little bit big cage holes

Product Name

C&AHOME Wire Cube Storage Organizer, Storage Bins Shelves

6. UNICOO – DIY Wire Cube Storage

The UNICOO DIY Wire Cube Storage can be a good option to build storage or closet for your guinea pigs

You can also make a nice cage with storage underneath with help of these wire cubes.

The downside is that the cage holes are large. If your guinea pig decides to stick their head out of the hold, its head may get stuck.

So, you have to use a cage liner that covers at least 10 inches from the ground so that it can be prevented.

It may not be very sturdy. You can use extra zip ties to make it more sturdy. The UNICOO cage is very versatile and you can give the cage or storage to any shape you want.


Highly customizable

Very versatile

Easy to move

Reasonable price

Easy to put together

Provide enough space


Large cage grids

Not very sturdy, may require extra connectors

Need to use a liner with a good height to make it safe

Product Name

UNICOO – 1414 Inch Big Cube Multi Use DIY 12 Cube Wire Grid Organizer, Wire Cube Storage

7. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation with storage

If you want a cage that provides ready-made storage, Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation can be a good call. This cage contains storage under the main cage structure. Storage space is also very wide to keep the all essential stuff of your guinea pigs.

Besides, the cage is also very strong and doesn’t acquire much space inside your home.

The interesting thing is that this Midwest cage is movable as it contains four wheels.

However, this cage doesn’t offer enough flat and open space for your guinea pigs. The price of the cage is also high.


Offers wide storage space

Doesn’t take up a lot of space



Easy to maintain


Expensive to purchase

Not so spacious

Product Name

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Factors to be considered regarding guinea pig cage with storage

The following are things you should consider while buying a guinea pig cage with storage.

1. Make sure enough storage space

When you build a cage, ensure that it has enough space underneath for the storage bins or box. Know about the measurements of the storage cubes or box first before you buy the cage or lift it up with a stand.

Moreover, space should also allow you to add as many storage boxes as possible.

If you buy a cage with storage, you don’t need to worry about the measurement, as it is ideal for those bins.

2. Ensure cage stand is strong

As you need to lift off the cage and create space under it, you have to make sure the stands that hold the cage are strong enough. Otherwise, it will shake when your guinea pigs move.

3. Have many storages box as possible

If you decide to have a cage with storage, you must ensure that you can add 4 or more storage bins or boxes underneath.

Having 2 huge boxes instead of 4 won’t help you keep all guinea pig’s supplies. If you have 4 bins, you can use separate bins for bedding, food, and other stuff.

4. Use good quality storage box or bins

You should use a plastic storage bin or box that’s suitable for a guinea pig cage. It helps keep their food fresh for a long time.

5. Ensure the quality of the cage

It’s more important to ensure the quality and required size of the cage for guinea pigs than storage or any other things.

They need a lot of flat space and open-air in the cage. So, whatever plan you make with the cage, ensure that first.

Which guinea pig cage with storage should you buy?

If you decide to buy a guinea pig cage with storage underneath, a c&c cage with storage is the best option for you.

However, if the product isn’t available or you want to add storage space underneath an existing cage such as a Midwest guinea habitat, Amazon Basics Wire Storage Shelves can be a great choice.

You can also choose SONGMICS Upgrade Customizable Animal Fence and LANGXUN DIY cage as they are almost the same in terms of quality.

Whatever product you choose, make sure it offers 3 or more separate storage boxes with enough space.


As a guinea pigs cage with storage bins underneath help you maintain the cage environment and organize your daily work for your guinea pigs, you should get it. It allows you to store hay, food, bedding, toys, and other guinea pig supplies and save space in your room.

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