Can You Use Towels As Guinea Pig Bedding?

To save the cost of making bedding and having the accessories for guinea pigs, people decide to pick an alternative like a towel. But, Can you use towels as guinea pig bedding?

A thin, soft, odorless, and new cotton-made towel can be used as bedding for guinea pigs because it’s comfortable, cheap, and safe for piggies. But, you shouldn’t use it permanently, as it’s not good as recommended bedding. However, you can use it under a guinea pig bedding or as an adjuvant to serve other purposes for guinea pigs in the cage.

In this article, you will know how to use a towel in a guinea pig’s cage as bedding and other stuff.

Are towels safe for guinea pigs?

Can You Use Towels As Guinea Pig Bedding?

You use small, soft, and new towels for your guinea pigs safely, because it has less risk of suffocation or other issues. Avoid using wet, scented, and use a towel as it can be dangerous for guinea pigs. Moreover, make sure that towels are always dry and clean.

What are the benefits of using towels in a guinea pig’s cage?

Here are the pros of using towels for guinea pigs.

Very cheap alternative to bedding

You can get a towel at a very affordable price whereas bedding for guinea pigs is so costly.

Readily available

Other beddings are commonly out of your reach and you have to buy them. But, we all have a towel at our home.

You can also buy at any time from any shop. However, make sure you use clean and new towels that are healthy for piggies. 

Good for guinea pigs paws

Towels are soft and comfortable for guinea pigs’ paws when they walk or run. You know how sensitive their paws are. If you use cloth bedding like towels, they will enjoy it.

Helps warm-up

Towels are a good alternative to blankets to create a warm cage environment.

During the cold season, towels may help to block the draft in the doors or window and prevents the cold air to enter the room where guinea pigs stay.

Reusable and washable

Unlike other bedding materials, you can wash towels at any time and reuse them.

Used for bottom of the floor

The best way to use towels for a guinea pig’s cage is to use them under the bedding or as a flooring material.

Check out the best flooring ideas for a guinea pig’s cage.

Entertains your guinea pigs

Guinea pigs love soft clothes like towels. When you put a towel in the cage, you will see they start snuggling under it. Some piggies may decide to nibble or bite it.

But, you need to make sure that they don’t eat the fabric of the towel. Moreover, the towel should be small to prevent any respiratory distress.

What are the drawbacks of using a towel?

Here are the cons of using towels as bedding for guinea pigs.

Not good at absorbancy

Guinea pig’s bedding needs to be highly absorbent. The towel can absorb some moisture but it can’t be like other bedding materials that are specially made for the piggies.

Poor odor control

As the towel gets wet fast and can’t absorb the moisture well, it will produce a foul smell. These smells can be bad for your home environment as well as your guinea pig’s health.

Guinea pigs may eat fabric

Though it won’t cause any harmful effects to your guinea pigs, it may not be a good idea to let them eat those dirty fabrics. 

Gets dirty fast

Guinea pigs like to play with towels. They will start scratching a towel or chewing on it that’ll make it dirty soon. So, it’s not going to last very long.

Needs to change regularly

Other bedding materials like paper or wood shavings don’t need to change too often. You only have to replace the portion when there is poop or pee. But, towels need to wash almost every day to keep them dry and prevent a bad smell.

Can I put a towel over my guinea pig’s cage?

You can put a small towel in the guinea pig’s cage to allow them to snuggle or warm up like a blanket. But, a towel must be small and you should be aware if your guinea pigs are having any breathing difficulty.

What type of towel is the best for guinea pig’s bedding?

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of towels that you should use for guinea pigs’ bedding.


Use soft, fluffy, and comfortable towels as guinea pigs are so sensitive and love soft stuff. Using this kind of towel also ensures safety for your guinea pigs when they eat some fabrics.


You should use small towels or hand towels because the big towels may be responsible for their suffocation when they wrap them around them or snuggle under.


Wet towels aren’t good for guinea pigs’ health. Moreover, a wet towel spreads odor and your piggies will smell it frequently for their comfort. But, that scent is risky for their respiratory system and health. So, use dry towels.

Pure Cotton

100% cotton towels can be a great idea to use as bedding or bottom. These are comfortable for your piggies.

Bath or beach towel

The easy solution is to get a normal bath or beach towel that’s soft and cotton-made.


Use a clean towel to protect your piggies from a bad smell.

New and odorless

You should put new and odorless towels inside the guinea pigs’ cage. Remember that, any kind of scent can be dangerous for them.

Containing no soap

When you wash the towels, make sure that no soap remains in the towels. A small portion of soap can cause skin rash or allergy as the alkalinity of their skin is different from ours.

Get the following towel if you like.

100% Cotton Beach Towels

When can you use a towel in the guinea pig’s cage?

You can use a towel in your guinea pigs cage for the following purpose:

Making liner for bedding

You can take help from towels to make guinea pigs bedding. It works really well when used as an adjuvant to the main bedding material. Use them to line the floor.

As an alternative bedding

Though you shouldn’t use towels as the main bedding materials for the cage, you can use them as an urgent solution sometimes.

Absorbing liquids

It can be used to make an absorbent layer for the bedding for guinea pigs. However, there are other better options to create the absorbent layer for the bedding.

Warming up guinea pigs

A small towel can be a great option to warm up your guinea pigs. Wrap on or roll around the towel to serve this purpose. But, always be careful if your guinea pigs are suffocating.

Allowing guinea pigs to snuggle

Guinea pigs like to snuggle under something in the cage. Putting a towel inside the cage can allow them to use it in this way. Just ensure that towels are small so that piggies don’t have any breathing difficulty while using them.

Making soft walking surfaces

Towels can work as a carpet for the guinea pig’s cage. As towels are soft, your piggies’ soft and sensitive paws can get extra protection from them. Towels prevent bumblefoot or other serious conditions. This helps them walk freely around the cage as well.

Place the towel under the door draft or windows.

Blocking drafts to prevent cold air

If the room where your guinea pigs live has drafted in the doors or windows, you can use the towel to block them. This will prevent cold air to enter the room.

What are the precautions that you should take to use a towel for guinea pigs?

Ensure the following factors while using towels in the guinea pigs’ cage.

Don’t use big towels

Guinea pigs love to snuggle under the towels and wrap them up with them. So, don’t use a large towel as it can cause suffocation.

Don’t let guinea pigs eat the fabrics

Many guinea pigs like biting on the towel or chewing it. They nibble at it for hours. Eating a few fabrics may not cause any danger, but if you see they are doing it frequently, stop them from doing so.

Eating excessive fabrics can be harmful to their health. Also, keep in mind that don’t force them to stop this habit as they are very sensitive. Use an alternative approach for that.

You can use something that tastes bad like Vinegar. Piggies don’t like this bitter taste.

Don’t use the wet towel

Wet towels can lead to various health issues for your guinea pigs including respiratory illness. So, use towels that are dry.

Do poo-pick everyday

You must maintain a poo-picking schedule every day or the cage will be unhygienic. This is bad for guinea pigs’ health and also produces a bad odor.

Wash your towels regularly

Wash towels every day as it absorbs moisture from wee or poo. Regular washing is necessary to prevent bacteria or microorganisms from growing.

Don’t take back a towel

Guinea pigs will hate you if you take back a towel once you have given it to them. So, if you give them a towel, don’t take it back from them. It belongs to them from that moment.

Can you use paper towels as guinea pig bedding?

You can use paper towels to line the floor of the guinea pig’s cage to protect their feet from wire mesh flooring. This will save your guinea pigs from developing sores of feet. Place the paper towels as the liner and then cover it with shredded papers or natural paper bedding to make good bedding for piggies. 

Top 3 alternative to towels for guinea pigs bedding

Let’s find out the best alternatives to towels for little piggy’s bedding.

1. Fleece

Fleece is the best alternative to towel bedding for guinea pigs. If you like to use cloth or blanket types of bedding and want to avoid those wood shavings or papers, you can definitely have fleece bedding. In fact, it’s getting more popular day by day. You can also a fleece liner in combination with a towel.

Check out the best bedding for guinea pigs.

Our recommended fleece bedding:

GuineaDad Liner – Midwest Size, Blue | Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners

2. Cotton cloth bedding

Cotton cloth bedding is similar to that of towel bedding. Use a new and clean cotton cloth to make the bedding. It has good absorbent properties and is very cheap. However, you shouldn’t use it for the long run because of its drawbacks just like towels.

3. Blanket

Blacket can serve the same purpose as towels. But, you may face problems keeping it clean. It may not fulfill absorption criteria and can produce a foul smell. However, you have to be careful picking up a good blanket, otherwise, guinea pigs may have health problems.

Cheek out the other alternative bedding options for guinea pigs.

Should you use towel bedding for guinea pigs? 

Though you can use towels as guinea pigs’ bedding, you should avoid it as it has so many drawbacks. If you use it for a long time, it may not be good for your guinea pig’s health and you may not be able to keep the cage friendly for guinea pigs.

Keep in mind that bedding for guinea pigs are specially made to serve all the purpose which towels can’t do. Besides, your piggies deserve a better environment than that.

So, we recommend using fleece as bedding if you are looking for some soft bedding materials.

You can also go for natural paper bedding like Carefresh or pine shavings which are also very popular and safe for guinea pigs if you choose the right product.


You can put towels inside the guinea pig’s cage for many purposes. It can help your guinea pigs to warm up or entertain them as they snuggle under it. You can use towels to make bedding for guinea pigs as main components or an adjuvant to bedding materials. However, you shouldn’t use towels alone as bedding. Using it with fleece can be a great idea.

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